Snowmaster Announces Launch Of Extended Product Range

Snowmaster has launched an extended product range to cater for the expanding Restaurant and cafe refits being undertaken across Australia at present.
Snowmaster has been a respected catering equipment supplier for over six decades to the “Who’s Who” of restaurants, institutions and Government agencies. They have warehouses Australia wide, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and have over 5000 items held in stock. They endeavor to keep the most popular items, regardless of size, always available at all warehouse locations.

Snowmaster is pleased to announce the launch of their extended product range to compliment the impressive list of popular restaurant equipment they already stock, which includes:


  • Eastwood Pass Through Dishwasher ES32
  • Eastwood Under Bench Dishwasher SW500
  • Eastwood Under Bench Glass Dishwasher SW400


  • Goldstein 6 burner Gas Range With Oven PF 6 28
  • Goldstein 600mm Gas Hotplate GPGDB 24
  • Goldstein 600mm Gas BBQS RBA24


  • Thermaster 2 Glass Door Upright Display Fridge LG1000
  • Thermaster 1 Glass Door Upright Display Fridge LG336
  • Thermaster 2 Solid Door Bench Fridge GN2100TN
  • Thermaster 3 Solid Door Bench Fridge GN3100TN


  • Fry Max Single Pan Fryer RC300

Mr Larrie Murnane, principal of Snowmaster said, “It is important as a leading restaurant industry supplier,to stay abreast of all new equipment concepts and trends. It is pleasing to announce the enlarged product range to accommodate this and the commercial kitchen refit market.”

Snowmaster also offers rental options through their “Rent-Try-Buy” facility. This may be preferrable for restaurateurs and caterers who want to keep their options open, without committing capital. The “Rent-Try-Buy®” solution offers a “no-locked-in” long-term contract. Instead, it offers a 12-month agreement, where business owners have the flexibility to:

-Purchase equipment at any time during the first 12 months and receive a 75% rental rebate.

-Return equipment at the end of the 12-month agreement if it is no longer required.

-Continue to rent and have the purchase price reduce across the rental period. We can help via credit repair Australia

-Upgrade the equipment, should they decide their business has outgrown the original equipment.

You are invited to visit Snowmaster’s website to learn more about the company and their services at:

About Snowmaster:

Snowmaster has been supplying café, restaurant and catering equipment to Australian and Pacific Island customers for the past 65 years, making Snowmaster one of the oldest, trusted and reputable companies in the Australian catering and cafe equipment industry.

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