Mosquito Control On Construction Sites

Why is Controlling Mosquito’s on Your Building Site Important?

Mosquitoes are a major health risk on building sites. Ensuring that you find ways to control mosquito outbreaks will prevent yourself and your workers from getting illnesses related to these pests.

There are over 220 mosquito species in Australia and many of these are carriers of diseases like Dengue Fever, Malaria, and Ross River Fever. These diseases can make people very ill and can in some cases lead to the death.

Mr Arrond of Pest Control Sydney said that there main emphasis is to keep you and your workers safe from mosquito related diseases. The following are ways that they carry out mosquito control.

• Removal of all the potential breeding sites in your building site.

Mosquitoes are attracted to breeding sites that give them what they require. Clearing all these potential areas will help in stopping their breeding cycle and hence eradicating mosquitos from that area.  Ponds of water are one of the mosquito’s favorite breeding grounds. The female lays eggs on the water surface, the eggs hatch into larvae which in turn live under water and become pupae, which also then live under water. After it emerges from the water it becomes an adult mosquito.

They have experts who help to identify and clear all the breeding grounds. They use Eco friendly chemicals which have been approved for mosquito control.

Long grass and large bushes are also used by some mosquito species as their preferred breeding places. The only way to prevent any infestations in these locations on building sites is by clearing the bushes and cutting short or removing any long grass.

• Mosquito traps

Trapping mosquitoes can be a tedious task but placing traps around the construction site will get all the mosquitoes in your immediate working area. In some cases, mosquitoes may not react to the placed repellants or pesticides and trapping them in this way is the most convenient method to capture the pests.

• Mosquito repellant sprays

One way to curb mosquitoes in construction zones is to spray a mosquito repellant by certified applicators. Pest Control Sydney note that the advantage of spraying a repellant is that it works fast, unlike the trapping method. They conduct the spraying when the building site is vacant of workers. This ensures that you have no contact with the chemicals which some may be allergic to.

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